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Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Resources
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Blog About Charlie

A great way to help our cause is to blog about Charlie and the campaign. There are hundreds of great sites out there to choose from — but the blogs listed on our home page blogroll is a great place to start. It also helps to post on local blogs that are not specifically about the campaign but cover the local community.

Blogging is very easy and you definitely don’t need to be a technology person to do it.

We suggest picking one or two blogs and starting a diary or posting regularly — once a day, couple times a week — whenever the spirit moves you. A great way to build up a following is to email your friends with new posts.

Please also email the campaign with new posts – you never know – you might find yourself on our homepage!!

Blogging helps the campaign in three simple ways:

  • Big national blogs look to their community for leadership. The DailyKos, AmericaBlog, MyDD all have large national readership – hundreds of thousands of people. But their lead bloggers can’t know everything. They rely on their readers and diary writers to inform them and their readers about a race, candidate or district.
  • More mentions = better search rankings. The more Charlie is written about online, the better ranking the campaign site will get from search engines. This means Charlie’s website and information will appear higher up the page on Google. The higher up you are, the more people click on the link! The result, more people learn about Charlie.
  • More links = better search rankings. Linking to our website from your blog post will improve our ranking from search engines. Just like in point two, the better our ranking the more people learn about Charlie and the campaign.

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