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National Security

… The Brown Family Business

Charlie Brown Family Photos
 (L to R) 1) Charlie's father (pictured here) fought in Europe with the U.S. Army during WWII.  His mother (also pictured) was President of Iowa Republican Women.  2) Air Force Captain Jan Brown  3) USAF Lt. Col. Charlie Brown swears his son Jeff in as an Air Force officer

Having dedicated his life to defending our country in the military, Charlie understands that protecting America is the highest calling of public service, and the top priority of our government. 

Charlie Brown has devoted more than 30 years of his life to this singular cause—in fact, national security is the Brown family business.  

Charlie knows that the best way to keep America safe in a post 9/11 world is through a clear and consistent national security strategy that encourages our allies,  and dissuades our enemies. Charlie will fight for a coherent policy that roots out terrorists in their safe havens, addresses the root causes of terrorism, and prevents rogue regimes from obtaining WMD’s. Charlie will work to ensure secure borders, sound intelligence, responsive action plans, proper equipment, and adequate manpower are always in place to protect the American people.

Responsible government

Charlie believes in individual liberty, personal responsibility, small and efficient government, balanced budgets, and solving problems by putting patriotism before partisanship.

In recent years, our nation has grown increasingly divided. And while government is the largest its ever been, many old problems have only gotten worse and families of every political persuasion are hurting.  Our national debt, gas prices, home foreclosures and the number of Americans without health insurance have reached record levels.  Corruption has run rampant in Washington.  Our veterans aftercare system is chronically under-resourced, and our military has been stretched to its lowest levels of readiness in decades.

Charlie knows that Washington is broken, and partisan politicians are the problem.  Charlie Brown's loyalty is to our country--not a political party or special interest donor.  By putting patriotism before partisanship, Charlie offers the battle tested, results-oriented standard of leadership we need to get our country back on track.


Having coordinated surveillance flights over Iraq in the 1990's, Charlie did not support the U.S. invasion because he knew there were no WMD's present, that an invasion could unleash centuries old sectarian conflicts inside Iraq, and leave fewer American military resources available to defeat the enemy who attacked America on 9/11--Al Qaeda.  

Air Force Pilot Jeff Brown has served four rotations in Iraq
Air Force Pilot Jeff Brown has served four rotations in Iraq.

Despite under-manning, under-equipping, bad intelligence and naive post-war planning by politicians in Washington, America's military has toppled a terrible dictator in Iraq.  But as General Petraeus himself has said, our troops can only create the space for Iraq's newly elected politicians to reconcile the political differences that have fomented sectarian violence and civil war.  Ultimately, Iraq needs a political solution, not a military one.  And America can't defeat global terrorism by transforming the world's finest military force into the Baghdad police force.

Charlie believes accountability is the key to getting our troops home quickly and responsibly---tying future U.S. aid to the achievement of key political benchmarks by Iraq's elected leaders.  Together with limited counterterrorism operations, training of Iraqi Security forces and accelerated reconstruction efforts, only real results from Iraq's politicians can expedite the process of political reconciliation Iraq needs to create a permanent stable government that can sustain itself and defend its own borders.  Ultimately, open ended promises of money and troops by our government provide little incentive for Iraqi politicians to take action and ownership of their nation's future.

Ultimately, re-deploying US Troops out of Iraq will enable the United States to refocus on the real front lines against terrorism-fighting the resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, strengthening our strategic alliances, improving intelligence gathering, expanding special operations capabilities, and giving our troops more time here at home- so they can be rested, trained, properly equipped and ready for quick deployment against terrorist concentrations or any other threats to America.

Homeland Security

Charlie believes we must immediately secure our borders, implement a national railway, port, and transit security plan, end the practice of using DHS funding for pork barrel spending that doesn’t address legitimate security threats, address the communication and interoperability problems that continue to plague intelligence and emergency response operations, adequately fund FEMA and restore it to a Cabinet level post.

Fiscal Responsibility

Charlie is committed to putting our country’s fiscal house in order, and ending the dangerous cycle of “borrow, spend, and let our children worry about it” currently in place in Congress.  America is currently grappling with the largest deficits in American history (much of which is owed to foreign governments like China, Iran and Saudi Arabia), with Congress providing almost no oversight on waste and abuse. 

The reckless spending and misguided priorities of the current Congress has had a disastrous effect:  every child in America now inherits $30,000 in debt, while programs designed to secure our borders and ports, support our troops, strengthen our schools, and care for veterans and seniors have been dangerously under funded.  Charlie believes there is more than enough money to do the things our government and out people need, provided we concentrate on real priorities.  He’ll fight for middle class tax relief and a budget that puts our security, our economy, and our children’s future first.  


Charlie believes America can create & keep good jobs by investing in education, technology, an updated infrastructure, energy independence, and fair trade.  He opposes the outsourcing of American prosperity promoted by NAFTA and CAFTA, and supported the recent increase in the minimum wage. 

He supports permanent tax relief for the middle class and elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax.   Charlie will fight for additional tax relief for small business innovators because he understands that the best way to keep the American economy strong and prosperous is by investing in a 21st century workforce, technology, and energy independence.

Retirement Security / Seniors

Charlie believes those who work hard and play by the rules deserve a stable and secure retirement and he supports strengthening traditional Social Security and Medicare. 

Charlie talks senior issues after a local town hall meeting.
Charlie talks senior issues after a local town hall meeting.

To strengthen Medicare, Charlie will fight to streamline bureaucracy through greater use of information technology, and preserve benefits by enabling retirees over 55 to buy into Medicare early.  He’ll work to improve the Medicare drug benefit and reduce costs by eliminating overpayments to private Medicare Advantage plans, and by enabling Medicare to join the VA system in negotiating discounts directly from drug companies.  He’ll also vote to allow importation of safe prescription drugs from Mexico and Canada. 

Ultimately, Charlie knows that promoting preventive healthcare ultimately drives down overall healthcare costs for all Americans.  That’s why he supports increased access to preventive benefits under Medicare---including flu shots and cancer screenings.  Charlie opposes privatization of Social Security and will fight to reign in irresponsible deficit spending that puts the system at risk for our most vulnerable seniors.  He will work tirelessly to ensure Social Security remains financially stable for baby boomers and future generations.   


Captain Jan Brown on duty as an Air Force Nurse.
Captain Jan Brown on duty as an Air Force Nurse.

47 Million Americans lack access to health insurance, and the number is growing. Charlie believes increasing access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans, and especially preventive care, is the key to reducing healthcare costs for all Americans.

That’s why Charlie strongly supports the expansion of SCHIP, to ensure all children have a chance to grow up healthy.  And it’s why he will lead the fight for a new, constructive dialogue on healthcare in America that yields access to a choice of quality, affordable, transportable healthcare coverage for every American.


As a veteran, the son of a veteran, the husband of a veteran, and the father of a veteran, Charlie understands the importance of keeping our promise to those who serve and sacrifice for our freedom.

Pictured here with a local Iraq War Veteran, Charlie Brown is not waiting to help America's heroes---donating 5% of his campaign contributions to area veterans service providers.
Pictured here with a local Iraq War Veteran, Charlie Brown is not waiting to help America's heroes---donating 5% of his campaign contributions to area veterans service providers.

Charlie knows the VA has been chronically underfunded for years, out of pocket healthcare costs for our veterans are rising, and mental health and other readjustment programs have been under-resourced. 

Charlie supports mandatory VA funding, full funding of the pensions of disabled veterans (concurrent receipt of disability benefits and military retirement pensions), elimination of the "widow's tax" on survivor benefits, and he has championed the cause of the new Webb-Warner GI Bill which passed in 2008.  Charlie’s plan to “Leave No Veteran Behind” also includes comprehensive outreach to homeless and other at-risk veterans, expanded readjustment services for those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and their families, and expansion of the Vet Center and other PTSD counseling services.

Finally, Charlie will fight to eliminate bureaucratic red-tape and wait times at the VA, and ensure national guard members and reservists called up to active duty receive the employment, financial, and health security they’ve earned.

Environment / Energy

On Energy and the Environment, Charlie Brown believes we must put America's security and the needs of American families first. 

As an avid outdoorsmen, Charlie knows economic growth and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand.
As an avid outdoorsmen, Charlie knows economic growth and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand. 

The high cost of gasoline (which has soared from $1.46 in 2000, to well over $4.00 a gallon today) is hurting businesses and families across America.  And while energy prices are harming our economy, climate change and our continued dependence on foreign oil threaten our national security as well. 

Clean energy independence will not only make America stronger, it will make our economy prosper.

That's why Charlie will lead the fight to end America’s dependence on the world’s most unstable regions for oil by investing in domestic energy production, and increasing incentives for the development of renewable alternatives.  By reinvigorating America's energy economy and focusing on production of clean, renewable technologies, Charlie knows we can end the practice of supporting rogue regimes at the gas pump, while creating thousands of new jobs for American innovators.  

On the environment, Charlie believes that new technology must be matched with strong enforcement of environmental protections, and a renewed spirit of American leadership around the world.  That's why he supports the Kyoto Accords on Global Warming, fair trade agreements, strong enforcement of clean air and water laws, and higher fuel efficiency standards.

Auburn Dam

Charlie opposes the Auburn Dam and believes there are far safer and more cost effective flood control methods available to the Sacramento valley. He supports giving Sacramento 220 year flood protection for less than ¼ of the cost of Auburn Dam through improvements to Sacramento levees and the existing Folsom Dam.


As a credentialed California Teacher who has worked for 8 years at the Roseville Police Department, Charlie knows first hand that we either invest in our children on the front end (education), or we risk paying considerably more on the back end (prison). 

Charlie Brown earned a California teaching credential, and knows investing in our children is essential for America to stay competitive in a 21st century economy.
Charlie Brown earned a California teaching credential, and knows investing in our children is essential for America to stay competitive in a 21st century economy.

Charlie supports expanded access to Pre-School, more school construction, hiring and retaining more qualified teachers with better wages, and providing students at under-performing schools with the tools they need to succeed.  

Charlie believes we must reform No Child Left Behind to address chronic funding and teacher shortages.  And as a former teacher, Charlie believes accountability standards are vital, but that they must empower local stakeholders--parents, teachers, administrators and students---to create learning environments conducive to student success in their communities. 

As the 4th District's Representative, Charlie will fight for continued reauthorization of the Secure Rural Schools Community Self Determination Act.  Charlie will also fight to restore vocational training and arts education to the classroom. 

Finally, to ensure that America stays competitive in the 21st century economy, Charlie will fight to ensure more Americans have the chance to go to college by increasing the availability of Pell Grants, HOPE Scholarships and the maximum college tuition deduction.  Despite runaway spending, these resources have been slashed under the current Administration.

Lobbying/Ethics Reform

Charlie will lead the fight to eliminate the pattern of influence peddling that has eroded trust in Congress through strong earmarking reform, increased lobbyist disclosure, prohibitions on members of Congress from becoming lobbyists for 5 years after leaving office, eliminating lobbyist sponsored gifts and travel, and eliminating the practice of allowing lawmakers to pay their spouses a percentage of campaign contributions.


We are a nation of immigrants, but years of neglect of our borders, ports, and other points of entry by has created an untenable situation for our security, and for taxpayers.

Charlie believes that in order to adequately address the illegal immigration problem, we must first secure America’s borders with more agents and greater deployment of security technology.  

Charlie also believes that addressing the root cause of illegal immigration begins with enforcement against  employers who knowingly hire illegal labor and encourage lawbreakers.  Charlie opposes amnesty, and believes that those those already here illegally must be required to pay a fine, back taxes, required to learn English, and put at the back of the line. 

Strong Local Leadership

Charlie talks fire prevention with Truckee area firefighters

A proud resident of California's 4th District for the past 17 years, Charlie understands our region's importance to California, and to America. 

We are home to one of America's premier recreation areas, serve as a major thoroughfare for interstate commerce, produce water and agricultural goods that help feed California and the world, and are home to literally thousands of acres of federal forest land.

That's why Charlie will fight for the 4th CD's share of federal dollars, and will work to forge partnerships between area businesses, local, and state governments to solve regional challenges, modernize our infrastructure and ensure the place we call home retains its character and its high quality of life.


Charlie supports existing law governing a woman’s right to control her own reproductive healthcare choices. He believes that promoting a culture of life means helping to reduce the number of abortions, through greater access to healthcare information, counseling, and other preventive services.

Second Amendment

Charlie takes aim at a shooting range in Nevada City.
Charlie takes aim at a shooting range in Nevada City.

Charlie has dedicated his life to protecting the Constitution of the United States, and the bill of rights.

Charlie strongly supports the 2nd Amendment as an individual right, is an active member of the Beale Gun Club, and has been a gun owner since he was 12 years old.

Gay Marriage

In Charlie’s family tradition, marriage is religious ceremony between a man and a woman, but he would never vote to impose his religious beliefs on someone else.

Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research holds the promise to alleviate suffering and improve the quality of life for millions of Americans suffering from diseases like Parkinsons, Alzeheimer’s and Diabetes. Charlie supports federal funding for stem cell research.

Capital Punishment

Charlie supports capital punishment, but believes DNA evidence must be more widely used, and the appeals process must be strenthened to prevent miscarriages of justice.

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