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A New Year, A New President

I wanted to write and thank you once again for your tireless support and your thoughtful words of encouragement in the months both leading up to, and following last November's historic election.

Thank You

As you know, on November 4 th a record number of votes were cast nationwide, and in the race to become the 4th District's next Representative in Congress...and the 4 th District race was way too close to call.

Ten Days to Victory, Four Newspapers Endorse Brown

It's been an incredible week here at headquarters. The energy and excitement surrounding this campaign is undeniable, and it's growing.

Help Me Restore our Economy

As you all know, there is no bigger issue in this election than our economy.

Brown has Momentum, McClintock in Debt

The latest Campaign Finance numbers are out, and though he has outspent Charlie by more than a million dollars in negative advertising, career politician Tom McClintock is in the red.

Day of Action Alert--Calling all Volunteers

Close elections are often decided on the ground--one conversation, one voter, and one neighborhood at a time.

3 Weeks Left, Now is the Time

With just 3 weeks to the election, it's time to finish the mission we launched together over 3 years ago. Absentee ballots are out, people have started voting , and the goal line is in sight.

Our Newest Ad and McClintock's Special Interest Friends

A few weeks ago, we learned that a 3rd consecutive poll shows Charlie leading the 4 th District race. And you responded with our strongest fundraising week of the 2008 cycle. Thank You!

Critical Deadline in Just 12 Hours

As you know, midnight tonight marks our last quarterly fundraising deadline before the November election. To everyone who has already stood with us, I want to say thank you again for your continued support.

Brown up 5 in New Poll, FEC Deadline 36 hours away

Exciting news! On Friday, Daily Kos released the results of a recent poll conducted by Research 2000 in the CA 04 race. And like the polling we released earlier this month, and in June, this one shows Charlie leading Tom McClintock.

No More McClintocknomics

This week, Washington politicians finally figured out that our economy is in trouble.

The Hypocrisy of Tom McClintock

With California's 85 day late State Budget due to be signed today, it is a very important day for Southern California politician Tom McClintock.

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