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A comprehensive solution to record energy costs

Friday 07/25/2008
Charlie Brown-- Tahoe Daily Tribune

We Need to Take Action Now to Help our Veterans

Saturday 11/10/2007
Charlie Brown--Grass Valley Union

Tough Choice: Air Force Officials Need to Re-Examine picking Chinook for CSAR-X Program

Friday 08/03/2007

Monday, July 30, 2007

Air Force Times


There is a long and unfortunate history of ill-conceived decisions made in Washington, D.C., that have negatively affected the military. But a new one, having to do with the contentious Air Force selection of a new rescue helicopter, has the potential to put every member of the military at greater risk and limit the ability of the military to respond to civil emergencies. Called CSAR-X, this program intends to replace the fleet of aging HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopters. This is a program that is desperately needed, but it has led to another flawed decision.

Beyond Corruption–A New Era of Ethical Leadership

Sunday 05/06/2007

Auburn Journal

Growing up working on farms in Iowa, and throughout my 26-year military career, I learned that leaders are defined by what we do and how we do it. We are honor bound to set an example for others, advance the priorities of those who depend on us, and to understand that partisan rhetoric is no substitute for sound judgment and real results. 

A Veteran’s Perspective: Looking Beyond Walter Reed

Friday 03/09/2007

Tahoe Daily Tribune, The Union , Auburn Journal

Beneath the troubling revelations about the deplorable state of affairs at Walter Reed Army Medical Center lies something even uglier: a pattern of chronic neglect of veterans and their families by Washington politicians who will stand in front of any group of soldiers during an election year, but will stand behind none of them when it counts the most.

As America Sleeps

Wednesday 08/02/2006

Oroville Mercury-Register

Empty rhetoric like “Stay the Course” and “We’ll fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here,” does not by itself equal a substantive or coherent national security strategy—and it won’t protect our homeland from another attack by an enemy that is determined to kill Americans. 

National Security Should be Top Priority

Saturday 07/22/2006

The Union

As a career Air Force officer, I've always believed that national security must be our first priority. When Congress meets for only 97 days a year during a time of war and spends more time discussing gay marriage and flag burning than America's national security policy, it's clear our current elected leaders don't agree. 

Doolittle’s Relentless Pursuit of “Perks”

Thursday 05/25/2006

While John Doolittle has voted to cut spending on everything from childcare subsidies for families to benefits for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, he has been tireless in his efforts to increase pay and benefits for lawmakers.

Rep. Doolittle… It’s time to give back the Money

Tuesday 04/11/2006

In recent weeks, the corruption scandal surrounding Republican Lobbyist Jack Abramoff has intensified dramatically. Most recently, former House Republican leader Tom DeLay resigned from Congress, and his Ex-Deputy Chief of Staff, Tony Rudy, pled guilty to conspiring with Abramoff to corrupt public official 

Incompetent Leadership : Its time to change course in Iraq

Thursday 03/16/2006

Sacramento News & Review

The true measure of leadership is performance--not rhetoric. No one knows better than our veterans, our military and the families who are anxiously awaiting the return of loved ones from Iraq.


Doolittle’s Judgement on Ethics Questionable

Thursday 01/26/2006

Veterans Need to be Remembered Beyond Today

Friday 11/11/2005

The Union (Grass Valley)

Recently on a cool, overcast Saturday morning, veterans from around California representing all branches of military service, gathered at the State Capital building to send a united message to our government leaders: leave no veteran behind. After fighting to protect the citizens of this nation, we are realizing we still need to fight. This time the fight is about protecting benefits that were promised to us when we entered service to our country.

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